What's Up Dog!

Yummies pet treats started production just over 12 years ago. We saw the need for a natural dog treat that is still tasty yet affordable for our best friends.

We are successful because we love animals and we want to provide them with the best treats that are healthy, tasty and provide hours of entertainment. Over the last 12 years our factory has grown from just 3 staff members to just over 20 permanent staff thereby also providing jobs in an otherwise struggling Eastern Cape. We strive to provide our customers and their furry kids with a high quality healthy product and exceptional service.

Yummies pet treats is a subsidiary company of Aloe meats.  Aloe meats are a registered Venison abattoir.

Yummies pet treats are made from Venison.  Therefore our products are hormone and antibiotic free.  We use Game skins for our Hide products.  Springbuck, wildebeest, Kudu, Eland, Blesbuck and other deer.  All our products are handmade with love at the factory in Uitenhage.

Why Give Your Furry Friend a Yummy Chew?

Yummies provides our furry friends with the very best chewing treats which is a vital part of a happy healthy animal’s live.

It provides entertainment but also allows the animal to work out anxiety and boredom by being occupied with chewing a tasty treat.

Yummies treats can also distract puppies from chewing on other “forbidden” items like your shoes or “fur”-niture.

Another plus is that it helps to maintain healthy teeth.

The act of gnawing on a Yummies treat is soothing and assists puppies in easing the pain of breaking in their adult teeth as the chewing process releases feel-good chemicals from the brain.

The Best Nutrition Is Simple

At Yummies 4 Paws we have a wide variety of treats on offer,  and suitable for all size dogs and puppies.

As all dogs just love to chew we added the best Venison treats for

  • Growing Puppies need their treats
  • Puppy training treats
  • Healthy for teeth and gums
  • Dog Training is always best with a Yummy treat
  • Our Best friends pawsitively love our Venison
  • Love comes naturally with a Yummy treats

It is best to feed your dog before you give it at treat because some dogs grab and swallow when they are hungry and this will lead to problems in the digestive system.  Always supervise your dog when it is chewing on a treat, especially puppies.

Meaty Treats - Nourish As Nature Intended

We use venison meat only.  No added salt or fats. We use a preservative – Potassium sorbet that is regarded as safe and non-toxic.

Yummies meaty stix are very popular and enjoyed by all size dogs.  Meaty sprinkles can be used for fussy eaters to sprinkle over their food.

Raw Hide Treats

We use only Venison hide. The hair is removed at a registered tanning company.  When we receive the skins the PH is normal.  It has no harmful or nutritional value. We use no preservatives and use a food colouring for some of our treats.

Lung, Liver And Biltong

Liver treats are used for training as this is soft and can be cut in small bits and used as rewards because the dog can finish it off quickly and continue training.

Our treats are the best you can do for your dog!